1. Terms of Use

By opening our website ‘VeryDiscountCode.co.uk’ as a registered user or otherwise, you are subject to the given terms and conditions. Kindly go through these carefully as moving towards the use of our website denotes your acceptance and adherence to them. Furthermore, if you are not agreed with following terms, then please stop further use of our website.

  1. Accessing ‘VeryDiscountCode.co.uk

2.1. The service provided through our website can be detached or changed at will, and we will not be accountable for any periods where our website is unobtainable.
2.2. We entail email registration to access our member-only rights. In becoming a registered member, any security information provided including (but not limited to) passwords and identification codes needs to remain confidential. Any revelation of this type of information to third parties is prohibited, and if we suspect inadequate compliance of these terms, we have the right to terminate your account.
2.3. It is your concern to meet the conditions required for accessing our website, it includes having the legal capacity to be assured by these terms. Additionally, it is also your duty to ensure that others accessing this website (via your internet connection) perform so in accordance with these terms.
2.4. We posses sole right to take action if we believe your use of our website to be illegal, unauthorised or not in agreement with our terms. This may embrace terminating your access to our website with or without notice.
2.5. The terms and conditions are also applicable to unregistered users, and the use of website is forbidden for commercial gain (by any party) unless we allow to do so.

  1. Intellectual Property

3.1. All intellectual property found on our website (with exclusion to third party website links and ‘public’ voucher codes) belongs to Very Discount Code, and is protected by copyright.
3.2. You’re welcome to direct others to our website to share our content; however, you’re only allowed to print pages off our website for own use.
3.3. Printed content from our website must not be altered or replicated and we forbid graphic, video or audio content to be shared distinctly.
3.4. We require that we’re always approved as the authors of any content obtained from our website (with exception to voucher codes).
3.5. We forbid the use of our content to be used for commercial gain unless we have been contacted for permission or a license.
3.6. We retain the right to take action if we uncertain that our content, reputation or other intellectual property has been taken advantage of.
3.7. We revoked your rights of using our website if we find replication in content of breaching of our terms, we demand for to destroyed or returned to us.

  1. Belief on Website Content

4.1. We try to search for reliable and current content, all the material is sourced from third parties, however this information can be altered or terminated at any time. Any information on our website should not be considered advice to depend on, which is why any dependence by you on this material is with no liability to VeryDiscountCode. Confidence on material sourced from our website, as linked to others also embrace no responsibility of ours.
4.2. We cannot be held accountable for the termination by retailers of any orders placed with discount codes sourced from our website. There may be certain conditions for voucher code orders to be satisfied which we may not have information on, therefore it’s your duty to check if you’re authorized to make use of voucher codes before ordering.

  1. Our Website Content Changes Frequently

We try our level best to provide up to date information and therefore, we change our content regularly, and when we try to have updated material, we are not obliged to apprise website’s content. We are also not required to give notice if our website will be unreachable (for example when new content is being added). Likewise, we are not required to give notice in the event of our website needing to be permanently removed.

  1. Our Liability

6.1. We make no claim of our content being fully accurate. All information offered on our website occurs purely as an information source, and should not be measured advice.
6.2. Any third-party communications found on our website aren’t recognized by Very Discount Code and it’s not our duty if you depend on this information.
6.3. Any links to the websites of other parties should also be taken as solely as information. We receive no accountability for the material on these sites, and are released from any claims arising from their use.
6.4. If you enter into dealings with other parties listed on our website, we cannot be held responsible. This is your concern.
6.5. Our terms and conditions do not contain all considerations of statue, common or equity law; therefore, it is your duty to be aware of any related implied terms, conditions or warranties.
6.6. We eliminate any liability rights resulting from the use of our website, any third-party websites featured on our website and all materials and content found on such sites. Without restriction, we dismiss our liability for loss of: finance, profit, business, data, savings, goodwill or time. In addition, we cannot be held answerable for any other kind of loss or damage outside of these categories (however caused).
6.7. Our terms concerning liability are not applicable to cases of death or personal injury resulting from negligence, or any other form of falsification on our part; as well as to other matters where liability cannot be fully omitted or limited.

  1. Your Information
    By entrée our website, you agree that we can gather data about your visit. This can include (but not limited to) the time consumed per session, voucher code categories viewed, and any in-site searches. While becoming a registered member, you give us with your email address and demographic information (including your full name, date of birth and gender).
    Your email address will not be passed on to the third party, however registering with our website denotes your interest in getting emails from us. Ongoing use of our website confirms your agreement to us gathering your information, and all information you provide to us is accurate.
  2. Viruses, Hacking and Other Misuse

8.1. Deliberately presenting harmful or hateful content to our website (such as viruses and trojans) is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, trying to gain unauthorized access to our website, or the server, computers or databases linked with it. Outbreaks of a denial-of-service nature are also clearly against our terms.
8.2. Contribution in the above activities is measured a crime under the Computer Misuse Act (1990), and will also outcome in your rights to use our website being canceled. Any type of unlawful activity will be stated, and we reserve the right to reveal your identity in assisting law enforcement with their investigations.
8.3. Very Discount Code will not answerable for any loss or damage resulting from your use of our website or from third party sites that we feature. This also contains loss or damage arising from downloading our content. We eliminate accountability for technologically harmful material, attacks and/or viruses that could occur from opening our website.

  1. Jurisdiction and Relevant Law

9.1. In the event of a claim arising from your use of our website, or the content and formation of these terms, English courts will have complete authority. We however have right to take legal action against you (in any related country) for a breach of our conditions.
9.2. All rights and non-contractual arguments will be reviewed under the laws of England and Wales.

  1. Revisions
    We retain the right to alter these terms at any time. It is your responsibility to stay updated with these changes by reviewing the content on this page. Also, some of these terms and conditions may be replaced by other documents and content found on our website.