makes your privacy a top concern. However, take out your time to go through the information about how we safeguard your privacy. Kindly make this clear that if you follow any link on to go to a third-party website or store, the third party will have their own privacy policy. You must check them before submitting personal data, as the sites are not affiliated to

What information is required by welcomes everybody to use the website without providing and personal data, but to access all the services, you need to give some information like an email address.

What does do with my email address?

If you want to get emails and news from us then your email address will be stores safely in our system. We do not sell or give your email to anyone else.

Other information collect data about your IP address so that you can enjoy the best service while visit us. We gather information about your visit, your location, traffic data and your favorite pages. This data is used only to make site work better so all data is “anonymized” this means it can’t be linked back to you.

How safe is my data?

All the systems are constructed to be safe. We consider your privacy our top concern and therefore, we just use it for purposes you have agreed to.

Do you use cookies on your site?

Yes, we use cookies as they are files that are transferred to the memory of your computer and mobile. If you like to know more information about how we use cookies then please check out our page on cookies. We can gain some information about the ways you use our website, be creating cookie file. Majority websites use cookies to facilitate visitors get best experience while they navigate the site.

Policy updates reserves the right to make changes in the policy. Whichever privacy policy was in force at the time you gave us your information will apply.

Want to ask more questions about privacy?

Please feel free to link us via email.

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